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SuperView Mobile is a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system designed for users who want
to do monitoring, control and supervision of devices and equipment in industrial plants using Smartphones and
Tablets with ANDROIDTM. This mobile system provides a user-friendly interface for advanced users and beginners.
A configuration wizard guides the user to develop entire application from scratch.
Remote communication is performed using Modbus protocol on TCP and communication interfaces present in mobile
devices such as WiFi, 3G, GPRS, etc. The graphical interface consists of list type screens, trend chart and map (GPS) that
allows the visualization of data for both reading and writing. Alarms configured are integrated to ANDROID notification system,
where the user is immediately notified and can acknowledge them for traceability purposes. This and other important application
events are logged and can be viewed with Audit Trail tool.
There are currently two versions available in the Android Market (Google Play). SuperView Mobile Lite is free and has the same
features as the commercial version but is limited to the configuration of five variables (Tags). The commercial version of SuperView
Mobile does not have the configuration limitations.

-Screen  types: List, Trend Chart and Map (GPS)
-Connections with any Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU over TCP device
-Classed Tags (integer, float, bit, Boolean)
-Alarms integrated to ANDROID notification system
-Alarms acknowledgement for traceability purposes
-Mathematical formulae with functions library
-Import and Export applications
  -Security to authenticate users
   -Audit Trail (Event Log)
-Statistics and status of real time application
-Project information for version control
-Interactive configuration wizard
-Automatic updates within ANDROID Market
    (Google Play)
-Encrypted application file

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