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Data Acquisition for Oil Production


Customer's segment

company responsible for the management of data, graphs and reports about the activities of the probes


Problems that the company was facing?

   As the main primary energy source and used on a global scale, getting the oil needs to be made in a more flexible and specialized way, given the fact that it is a non-renewable and limited resource. Therefore, it becomes essential to investing in technologies that rationalize resources and optimize the performance of the processes to increase productivity.

   To increase productivity, the oil companies use mobile units: probes for standard penetration tests (SPT). These devices are responsible for maintaining and intervention services such as cleaning, restoration stimulation and checking oil wells. As these processes produce a large amount of data, monitoring and analysis of them, become indispensable because they help to a better understand the proper way to operate them.

   Looking for an innovative solution, a company responsible for the management of data, graphs and reports about the activities of the probes considered a NOVUS tool able to provide a simple and easy manner to operate the tests.


NOVUS solutions

   FieldLogger Acquisition Module and Data Logging provides safer storage and data collection, and can be used in any application involving probe penetration tests for oil production.

   Through the communication ports (RS-485 Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP Ethernet) available by FieldLogger, you can interact with any supervisory software making easier the direct communication between the computer and other instruments. Moreover, the fact that a count FieldLogger rely a HMI provides greater flexibility and visual functionality of the process. Finally, the company connected to the system, pressure transmitters of the 510 series, in this case, the model N430D intended for more demanding processes.


Benefits achieved

   Applications like this result in a satisfactory cost-benefit for the assembly of all the automation system, ensuring greater efficiency in processes involving in oil production.


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