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Production monitoring of aggregates for concrete


Customer's segment

Building materials


Problems that the company was facing?

The company did not have adequate measurement and monitoring controls for production, hence potential losses were not being avoided and efficiency was not met. In addition, there was no prevention plan for electrical failures.


NOVUS solutions

Through a wireless monitoring system, mass flow on the belt was registered and made available instantly on NOVUS Cloud. Failure diagnosis was also part of the solution through the inspection of electrical parameters. All the information was remotely accessible for managerial positions and operations team.


Applied products

The solution encompasses many of NOVUS products: AirGate-3G which acts as a Modbus Master, reading the entire RS485 Modbus network through AirGate-Modbus and pushing the data to the NOVUS Cloud. The digital and analog signals are based on Fieldlogger and DigiRail-4C. Moreover NOVUS Cloud uses scripts and alarm notifications.


Benefits achieved

Since the implementation of NOVUS’ solution, the following improvements were observed:

• Information availability and disclosure.
• Significant increase in production.
• Remote management of operations.
o Monitoring of daily total production.
o Monitoring of production breaks.
o Diagnosis of electrical failures.