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Tailored solutions for pets


Customer's segment

Company specialized on develop and manufacture equipment for animal care and beauty


Problems that the company was facing?

A Brazilian company has developed and manufactures specialized equipment for animal care and beauty. One of their most successful products is designed to dry the pets shortly after their wash.  The idea is simple: a beautiful cabin inside which the "little beast" is placed still wet. Inside the cabin, slightly heated air circulates rapidly at predetermined time intervals. However simplicity disappears when analyzed in detail. Because it operates with living beings, there are a number of legal requirements to be met: the animal comfort, the safety of the people and animals involved in the operation, etc. Many of the components used must have special approvals, electrical and electronic devices in particular. The final product to be sold should also have a specific seal of approval.


NOVUS solutions

NOVUS was invited to participate in this project. The challenge was to control air temperature and work cycles, to ensure an economic, efficient, safe and easy operation. The solution agreed upon was to develop a new controller, the N1040, which supports a number of special features. The results were stunning. Today, the equipment is in pet shops throughout Brazil and is also exported to several countries throughout Europe and America.


Applied products

Temperature Controller - N1040


Benefits achieved

It makes life easier for many pet owners and professionals in the area and has removed a little of their required work.


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