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Suitable for industrial environments, the multi-protocol Gateway equipment line provides interconnection between several industrial networks in an easy and scalable way, which allows centralizing process information in supervisory and data logging systems.

  • Converter USB-i485



    The USB-i485 module is a cost-effective way to convert RS485 or RS422 industrial buses to a USB interface. When connected to a PC USB port the USB-i485 module is automatically detected and is installed as a native COM po...

  • Gateway DigiGate Profibus


    DigiGate Profibus

    DigiGate Profibus is the ideal equipment for interconnecting a Profibus DP network with a Modbus RTU network. It works as a gateway, operating as a master station in the Modbus network and as a slave station in the Profi...

  • Industrial IoT Wi-Fi Gateway AirGate 4G

    Industrial IoT Wi-Fi Gateway

    AirGate 4G

    AirGate 4G is an industrial IoT Wi-Fi gateway cellular router that ensures secure remote access for distributed applications as it has the most common encryption protocols in IT infrastructure and fallback function for 4...

  • Industrial Multichannel Data Logger FieldLogger

    Industrial Multichannel Data Logger


    FieldLogger is a versatile, powerful, and yet cost-effective data logger handling analog, digital, and other types of variables with high resolution and speed. It is a high performance and high connectivity equipment and...

  •  I/O module for IoT application DigiRail OEE

    I/O module for IoT application

    DigiRail OEE

    DigiRail OEE is an I/O module for IoT application designed for OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) industrial systems. It has the main industrial approvals, in order to ensure m...

  • Ethernet I/O Module DigiRail Connect

    Ethernet I/O Module

    DigiRail Connect

    DigiRail Connect is a versatile I/O module to be used as an extension of any brand automation system. Its rich mixed inputs and outputs offer industrial standard analog and digital signaling. The available DigiRail Conne...

  • Wireless Modbus Gateway  AirGate-Modbus

    Wireless Modbus Gateway


    AirGate-Modbus is a gateway designed to create a network of wireless sensors.It can be used as extender of Modbus RS485 network and offers flexibility and scalability for the various networks inside facilities. It has lo...

  • New

    Industrial IoT Gateway DigiRail IoT

    Industrial IoT Gateway

    DigiRail IoT

    DigiRail IoT is an I/O module developed to meet the market demand for IoT-connected instruments, acting as a smart gateway to connect sensors and actuators to the Internet of Things. This device has versions with Wi-Fi o...

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DigiGate Profibus - Modbus to Profibus Protocol Converter

DigiGate Profibus is a useful corverter that reads Modbus data and translates it into Profibus protocol. Its parameters are easily configured through the DigiConfig application. DigiGate can read and convert data from slave devices on the Modbus network, providing efficient control of your Profibus network.


NOVUS industrial digital converter is a safe and fast solution

NOVUS USB-i485 converter is a fast and safe solution interface between computers and RS485 or RS422 industrial communication buses.


Ceramic tile company decreases gas consumption by almost 50% modernizing kilns

A Brazilian ceramic tile company intended to deactivate two smaller kilns and reduce its gas consumption, whose bill was close to U$ 100,000 per month. The N2000s, a PID controller specifically designed for actuation of servomotor valves, has emerged as the ideal solution to the problem.


Get to know DigiGate: the most cost-effective Profibus-Modbus gateway on the market

The DigiGate Profibus is a gateway for connecting a Profibus DP network and a Modbus RTU network. It is a cost-effective solution on the market to search factory floor data, generally used by instruments in Modbus networks, for the level of control in Profibus DP. The gateway treats the networks separately, because they are different speeds, functioning as a master in the Modbus network and slave in the Profibus network.