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FieldLogger has an exponent calculation function with floating point

The update allows more accurate flow measurement

The new function of FieldLogger makes it possible to obtain greater accuracy when calculating the flow rate in systems with Parshall flumes. It eliminates the need to compile variables to perform manual calculations.


A company in Chile was the first to share its success stories, obtaining more accurate data in a shorter time. The NOVUS' data logger is even used by the Dirección General de Aguas, the ministry of Public Works of the country. This is a body with a similar role to Brazil's ANA ("Agência Nacional de Águas e Saneamento Básico", meaning National Water and Sanitation Agency).


From the report by Veset, a systems integrator that provides services to Chile's sanitation administration, it became clear that reading a level signal (by height) and relating (through standardized equations) a level flow through Parshall flumes more accurately was a growing demand. After all, there was a need to control drinking water consumption to avoid waste.


Until then, the calculation of the equations was done in systems and spreadsheets fed by the team, a "manual" and slower way of obtaining acceptable data, although without the accuracy needed to achieve optimized management. With the addition of the fractional number exponentiation feature (up to six decimal places), FieldLogger can now handle applications with even higher demands, such as dairy processing and sewage treatment plants. 


On NOVUS' blog, you can read the full case of the application of FieldLogger in sanitation in Chile: click here. 


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