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NOVUS launches an IoT controller

With a Wi-Fi module, N20K48 brings Industry 4.0 to everyone

Over the last few decades, the industry has found itself embracing new technologies more quickly. As the demand for different types of data increased, so did several communication protocols. To compile the information collected by various devices, Gateways must be used. But while Gateways solve problems involving communication, they are complex and take up space.

Therefore, NOVUS has expanded its vision for modular technology and brought the simplicity of IoT to the N20K48 controller. With the new Wi-Fi micromodule, it is easy to integrate legacy devices. The integration is efficient and makes communication between devices an affordable and simple process.

Innovation in Action

The Wi-Fi micromodule uses 4 slots of the N20K48 controller dock. The housing is semi-transparent and tinted. The three indicator LEDs are clearly visible, allowing you to perform easy diagnostics.

This micromodule contains an RP-SMA connector, compatible with the panel antenna and the magnetic antenna, which allows communication inside panels.


Focusing on versatility, NOVUS offers 3 kits to purchase the Wi-Fi feature:
• Only the module, if you already have an antenna.
• Only the antenna, if you already have the module and need a different type of antenna (panel or magnetic base antenna).
• Main kit, with the Wi-Fi module and an antenna of your choice.

Indicative LEDs allow you to quickly check the status and data traffic of the module, identifying communication problems safely and quickly. The first LED indicates the status of the module. It stays on when the module is active and off when it is inactive. The second LED indicates if there are communication problems. The third LED indicates data traffic.

To configure the module, you must use QuickTune, a software for desktop and mobile devices. Connection via USB cable, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. The configuration allows the Wi-Fi module to be integrated into several systems and processes. It is a versatile and efficient solution to ensure wireless communication in IoT panels and devices.


Practical Applications


The features added by Wi-Fi communication add several possibilities for the N20K48 controller and the new micromodule. Some examples include connecting to panels and manufacturing IoT furnaces, which allow you to track the burning status (ramps and soaks) remotely, set alarms to indicate the end of the process, or create error alerts via cloud.


In more complex processes, with a controller in each production line, it is possible to centralize the data in a single network and monitor everything via supervisory systems. This allows you to have a real-time view of production and quickly identify any problems.

Review the N20K48 launch or go to the product page and see how the modules fit together by clicking on the quotation button.

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