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NOVUS launches SigNow: Software and app for transmitter configuration

SigNow allows you to set up your transmitters quickly and in just a few steps.

Agility to configure and data security are well known benefits of NOVUS. From now on, with a unique, intuitive, and minimalist application, it will be even simpler and more efficient to configure transmitters in your process routine. That is, SigNow allows you to set up your transmitters quickly and in a few steps, with low technical requirements.


The flexibility of the application allows you to perform the settings via smartphone, not requiring a laptop on the factory plant. There is also a laptop version, ideal for those who are more comfortable with a larger screen or when there is a need for batch configuration.  


Launched by NOVUS, SigNow software allows easy and quick configuration of all transmitters of the brand, including our biggest sellers TxBlock-USB, TxRail-USB and a new level transmitter still being tested. 


The software is also compatible with TxBlock-HRT, TxRail-HRT, TxIsoRail, and NP640 devices.


Other SigNow benefits are:


- The generated settings can be saved in a file, which is available for backup or for sharing.

- Diagnostic function to verify if the equipment is reading the process variable correctly.

- Quick access from the software to the manual of the product being configured.

- Automatic search for updates for each new firmware version available for the devices. 

- Possibility to direct the user to the procedure for opening an electronic ticket to Technical Support.


In two versions, SigNow is compatible with any computer running the Windows operating system and SigNow Mobile is available for configuring transmitters by app on mobile devices.


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