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NOVUS launches unprecedented modular controller

Adaptable, the same device meets endless possibilities and allows for scalability

A product of global innovation, NOVUS is proud to present its most innovative device. N20K48 is a modular controller and the first in the family of modular devices under development. Its new and consistent concept is based on a compact 'base controller' together with a growing family of easily attachable micromodules, which allows to meet a wide range of requirements in industry applications. 


With the options of expansion modules, the N20K48 allows scalability of I/O, functionality and connectivity features. The family of modular controllers will allow you to create countless combinations by adding the accessory required for a new application or desired function to the basic model.


The design is sleek and modern with a large LCD display for easy viewing of data. The modular capability even allows the standardization of devices at different points of operation, and the compact enclosure makes the N20K48 suitable for installation even in confined and restricted spaces.  


Making the future more accessible


In development for almost a decade, the concept is inspired by the futuristic utopia of using technology to enhance human qualities. From the possibility of attaching new parts, organs, and even wings, a superhuman would be someone adaptable and powerful. This reality is not yet possible for people, but in industry, technology allows the adaptability and scalability needed to provide infinite possibilities. 


Even without granting superhuman powers, the modular controller directly benefits its users. By standardizing controllers in complex operations you get the benefit of standardized configuration as well, and a clean, minimalist aesthetic. 

N20K48 is configurable by software or application via USB or Bluetooth. This flexibility allows you to:

• Configure the device with a smartphone, avoiding the use of a laptop at the application site.
• Quick and easy access to the configuration (No technical expertise required).
• No need to open panels in the instrumentation room or on the factory floor.
• Easily perform batch configuration.

In addition, QuickTune Mobile interface is intuitive and user-friendly, which optimizes data management and controller use even for untrained operators.

N20K48 is an unmatched solution in terms of inventory control and product supply management. By changing modules and connectors, the same base can meet multiple market needs. A single controller model improves resource management, which avoids the need for a large catalog of specific models for each possible application.



Resources scalability


The N20K48 proves to be an unmatched solution in terms of inventory control and product supply management. The same base can be applied to multiple market needs, changing only the modules and connectors. A single controller model benefits resource management, avoiding a wide catalog of specific models for each possible application. 


This is also the first NOVUS product to undergo a rigorous and restructured round of tests with users at its application sites in different countries, a strategy now in place for future developments. Among the feedbacks received, the highlights are: the simple replacement of modules; the ease of navigation; how quickly modules are automatically recognized; and the possibility to view the MV at the same time as the setpoint and PV.




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