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NOVUS will triple its production capacity by investing in an assembly line with the Industry 4.0 concept

The electronics manufacturer, whose headquarters are in the Canoas Innovation Park, was able to circumvent the component shortage and continue growing in 2020 and 2021

In the first week of November, a new SMT assembly line of electronic boards started to be installed at NOVUS' headquarters in Canoas. The company has been producing electronic equipment for industrial automation for 39 years and the investment in advanced manufacturing will triple its current production capacity.

In addition to increasing the number of parts produced, the new assembly line will bring greater flexibility. With more than five hundred products in its catalog, the company will at least reduce by half the component preparation time to produce different products on the same day.

Despite the global electronic components shortage, NOVUS has been exceeding sales and growth targets since June 2020. About 45% of what is produced in its manufacturing plant is exported to customers in more than 60 countries. In Brazil, the brand is also already established and serves several sectors, including pharmaceutical, food, agribusiness, sanitation, energy, logistics, mining, and textiles, among others.

This NOVUS investment is also a combined effort with the Canoas Innovation Park, which on November 29 held a meeting to resume its development plan. Located in the Guajuviras district, the area focused on innovation already has three technology companies: NOVUS, Exatron, and TCS/FKS. Other technological companies have already confirmed their presence in the park by the year 2022.

Industry 4.0 in practice

A reference in industrial automation, the expansion of NOVUS' manufacturing capacity is an investment for an increasingly connected future. The new production line includes five equipment with high technology software, which can communicate efficiently with machines and corporate management systems.

The phases of installation, testing, and training should take about 25 days, allowing NOVUS to ship in December the first products produced with the most modern machinery. The agility and technological competence also impact the delivery time of the electronic equipment to NOVUS' customers and distributors.

In 2021, NOVUS installed products to control and monitor the temperature at the airport of Viracopos (SP/Brazil), in the plant that serves as the main entry route into Brazil for Covid-19 vaccines produced abroad. The efficacy of thousands of doses of the immunizer was guaranteed due to its correct transportation and storage in environments with very demanding climatic variables, a differential of the products that are a success case of the company.

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