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FieldLogger Configurator

Configuring software for FieldLogger

The FieldLogger Configurator is configuration, data collection and analysis software for NOVUS FieldLogger dataloggers. The program allows you to explore all the functionalities and resources of the devices, and communicates through the USB, TCP-IP and RS485 interface.


A complete tool, it allows the graphic and joint analysis of multiple data, visualization of alarms, performance of mathematical calculations and the issuance of reports, in addition to the export of data to multiple formats. It also provides diagnosis and commissioning making it easier to perform tests and detect problems.

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- Parameters setting
- Data collect
- Commissioning diagnostics
- Mathematical formulas
- Connections via USB, Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU
- Report generation
- Export data in multiple formats
- Security for accessing data via password
- Encrypted data file
- Operation in assistant format 


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