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SigNow Mobile

App for sensors and transmitters

Intuitive, the SigNow Mobile application makes it possible to quickly and easily configure NOVUS transmitters. (look Compatible Products).
The application allows you to save the configuration to a file to be used as a backup or to be sent to other devices.
It has a diagnostic function to check if the equipment is reading the process variable correctly. The application allows the mobile device itself to power the device to be configured, through a USB OTG adapter, facilitating use in the field.

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App for configuring sensors and transmitters
- Compatible with Android OS version 9.0 or higher
- Device parameter configuration
- Reading device parameters
- Offline creation of device parameters
- Save configuration to file
- Batch configuration upload
- Device firmware update
- Communication via Bluetooth
- Communication via USB with OTG adapter
- Real-time diagnostics.