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Modular Controller

Global innovation product from NOVUS, we proudly release our N20K48 controller family. Its new and consistent concept is based on a compact, powerful core controller plus a growing family of micromodules that enables it to meet a wide range of application requirements in the industry. Its excellent cost-effective expansion micromodules allow for scalability of I/O, features and connectivity. In addition, it is a single controller model for all family, which avoids dealing with specific and expensive models, allowing easy spare parts inventory management.
The NOVUS ClickNGo technology for N20K48 micromodules ensures expandable capacity for more demanding applications and standardizes the learning and training of industry technical staff.
The native Bluetooth interface offers simple field diagnostic and commissioning through the QuickTune Mobile app, which reduces eventual downtime, while the USB interface provides batch configuration option, optimizing workbench series production.
With a new elegant and distinctive design, the controller features large and bright clear-to-read display, while keeping a compact depth enclosure, making it suitable for installation in restricted spaces.
With a design focused on the best user experience, the QuickTune Mobile app provides to the user an intuitive mobile platform for configuration management for all controllers and micromodules on the shop floor.

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Display: LCD type, alphanumeric with 11 segments.
Input Type: Thermocouple J, K, T, E, S, N, R, B, Pt100, 0-50 mV, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA and 4-20 mA.
PID Features: PWM, Auto tune
Control Action: 1 Loop (Heat or Cool)
Output Control:1 Pulse and up to 1 Relay
Ramp & Soak: 20 Programs, 9 Segments
Sampling Period: 18 ms
Communication: RS485 Modbus RTU (optional)
Power Consumption: 10 VA
Special Functions: Soft-Start, PID Loop Break, Ramp and Soak event, 4 Alarms (9 alarm types) and Timer Function
Configuration: Software NOVUS QuickTune, QuickTune Mobile, via USB (micro-B type) or Bluetooth
Power Supply: 100-240 Vac/dc or 12-24 Vdc (Optional)
Operate Conditions: Temperature: -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F), Humidity: 80 % @ 30 °C (86 °F)
Front Panel: IP65, Polycarbonate (PC) UL94 V-2
Enclosure: 48x48 (DIN 1/16), ABS+PC UL94 V-0


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