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NXperience Trust

Configuration, Data Collection and Analysis Software

NXperience Trust is validating software specially designed for the pharmaceutical, food and health market segments for the configuration and data collection of data loggers for the environment variables to be monitored. These segments require a reliable, simple and intuitive system to use, as complete data analysis and visualization, user authentication, and information security features.


The NXperience Trust connectivity allows it to be used as a central data management tool, and can handle information from all devices in networked installations, with more than one workstation and with centralized server data.


The NXperience Trust has GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance, meeting with the technical requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for validation of computer systems. The user has an electronic record of encrypted data, a strong authentication mechanism with password validity, and an application event log for traceability and audit trail. Protocols and execution of validation are optional and offered separately, in order to complement the solution.

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- Device Configuration
- Data Management
- Device Diagnostics
- Data Integrity and Reliability
- Device Connectivity
- User Control
- Audit Trail
- Validation FDA 21 CFR Part 11
     Controlled access to software
     Automatic user logout
     Encryption of electronic data records
     Presentation of the data in a readable format
     Backup of the electronic records in the network server
     Detection of change of electronic records
     Records of occurrences (for Audit Trail)
     Electronically signed reports



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