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01 - ISO 900102 - Reach Compliance03 - RoHS04 - Anatel06 - CE07 - UKCA15 - NXperience19 - E-THINGZ

Telik Trafo Lite

IoT temperature transmiter

The operations of the energy generation and distribution process require a fair and efficient physical structure. In this sense, one of the biggest challenges is to carry out good asset management, including continuous monitoring for process risk management. However, the viability of this only becomes real with efficient equipment and with an adequate cost for the operation.

Based on this need, NOVUS launched Telik Trafo Lite, an innovative solution, with efficient, low-cost connectivity, capable of performing continuous monitoring of energy transformers, in an intelligent, efficient way and without the need for physical adaptations to the transformer.

The information obtained delivers sensitive data to the process, acting as a key piece for efficient risk management, enabling preventive actions at critical points in the process, as well as mapping needs. Likewise, they assist in the management of process assets and losses.

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- Measuring range: -40 ~ 125 °C
- Resolution: 0.1°C
- Accuracy: ±3 °C
- Dimensions: 70 mm x 118.5 mm x 53.5 mm
- Publication Interval: 1 to 1440 minutes (24 hours)
- Acquisition Interval: 1 to 43200 seconds (12 hours)
- Power: 2 x 3.6 V 2500 mAh Lithium AA (up to 10 years*)

*Using factory settings, battery life can reach 10 years in locations with excellent signal coverage. In locations with low signal coverage, it may drop below 5 years.
- Degree of Protection: IP66
- Operating temperature: -10 to 85 °C
- Storage temperature: -20 to 85 °C
- Humidity: 5 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
- Polycarbonate housing (V0 anti-flame and anti-UVA/UVB material)
- Software: NXperience (via USB or LoRaWAN for computers) and NXperience Mobile (for smartphones)


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