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Agribusiness is the whole industrial and commercial relationship involving the agricultural or livestock production chain. It is represented by industry and commerce, which provide inputs for rural production; farmers and other parts of the market chain (purchasing, transportation, processing and retail sales). The challenge of transforming natural resources into quality products begins with research and development work and spans all processes, always guided by quality and safety.

We prepared this material about NR36, the standard that regulates the segment of slaughterhouses and meat packing plants, also known as NR for cold storage rooms. In this e-book, we discuss how the meat industry can reduce accidents and how it is possible to reduce the incidence of occupational diseases through a technical look at the following topics: Ergonomics, working with live animals, and thermal comfort.


  • Food and ingredients

  • Freight monitoring

  • Greenhouses for vegetable production

  • Refrigeration

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