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Since 1982, NOVUS has developed and manufactured innovative and reliable products for data acquisition, temperature and process control, signal conditioning and transmission of field variables complying with worldwide quality requirements providing solutions that exceed customers’ expectations. NOVUS is present in over 60 countries through a network of over 300 distributors and its own sales offices in Brazil, Argentina, the United States and France.


In 2018 NOVUS moved into its new headquarter facilities in the city of Canoas, southern Brazil. With more than five thousand square meters of built area, three thousand dedicated to factory, the new plant ensures the possibility to quadruplicate production capability. Among the innovations, a real-time reconfigurable, autonomous manufacturing cell was implemented under Industry 4.0 concepts.


As part of NOVUS strategic plans, moving our highly skilled staff to larger and more modern facilities with an advanced production infrastructure along with well equiped research laboratories opens the path to productivity improvements achivieving higher throughput of a larger portifolio of valued added products and the consequent increase in national and international market shares.



"NOVUS aims, by continuously improving its processes, products, and services, the satisfaction of customers, employees, shareholders, and society."



"To develop and provide globally competitive products and measurement and automation services with superior performance and quality to provide maximum satisfaction to customers, employees, shareholders and society."



"To be the global reference in connected measurement and control devices." 



  • - Ethics in relationships 

  • - Creativity with innovation 

  • - High productivity and competitiveness 

  • - Social and environmental responsibility 

  • - Social inclusion and sustainable collective well-being 

  • - Promotion of personal and professional development of employees 



The Ethical Conduct Manual contains guidelines that help us make integrity the core of everything we do. We believe we can turn this into a real, live, dynamic, and active process. So we are counting on you!


Access the manual here.