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  • Production monitoring of aggregates for concrete 

    The company did not have adequate measurement and monitoring controls for production, hence potential losses were not being avoided and efficiency was not met. In addition, there was no prevention plan for electrical failures.

  • Wireless Temperature Control for Hospitals and Laboratories 

       The storage conditions, distribution and transport plays a key role in maintaining the quality standards of drugs, so the temperature control in refrigerators and freezers for storage of these and other related products is common in hospitals and laboratories.

    These products require of constant temperature control for the certification for its conservation.

  • Dosing control in wastewater treatment systems 

       In wastewater treatment and in drinking water systems it is mandatory to correct the physical-chemical characteristics of the water by adding or dosing chemicals such as coagulants, disinfectants and alkalizing products, among others.  These chemicals are applied at some point in the treatment process, that must be constantly monitored.

       A common problem in many treatment plants is the distance between the instrumentation and the sample point of the treated effluent. The existence of long distances imply the use or large amounts of wires, resulting in power and signal losses, as well as electrical interference, risk of damage due to lightning occurrences, among other problems.

  • Data Acquisition for Oil Production 

       As the main primary energy source and used on a global scale, getting the oil needs to be made in a more flexible and specialized way, given the fact that it is a non-renewable and limited resource. Therefore, it becomes essential to investing in technologies that rationalize resources and optimize the performance of the processes to increase productivity.

       To increase productivity, the oil companies use mobile units: probes for standard penetration tests (SPT). These devices are responsible for maintaining and intervention services such as cleaning, restoration stimulation and checking oil wells. As these processes produce a large amount of data, monitoring and analysis of them, become indispensable because they help to a better understand the proper way to operate them.

       Looking for an innovative solution, a company responsible for the management of data, graphs and reports about the activities of the probes considered a NOVUS tool able to provide a simple and easy manner to operate the tests.

  • Automation Solution for Hospitals 

    The company was in search for greater efficiency, productivity, comfort and safety in medical facilities. As these environments must be clean, comfortable and safe for their patients’ equipment to assist and maintain these conditions must be implemented. Such programs generate costs, primarily related to the increase in energy consumption.
    In order to rationalize the power consumption and improve the performance of hospitals it is necessary to supervise the equipment and record information of their functioning during operation to get the maximum performance from the service structure and ensure patient safety.

  • Tailored solutions for pets 

    A Brazilian company has developed and manufactures specialized equipment for animal care and beauty. One of their most successful products is designed to dry the pets shortly after their wash.  The idea is simple: a beautiful cabin inside which the "little beast" is placed still wet. Inside the cabin, slightly heated air circulates rapidly at predetermined time intervals. However simplicity disappears when analyzed in detail. Because it operates with living beings, there are a number of legal requirements to be met: the animal comfort, the safety of the people and animals involved in the operation, etc. Many of the components used must have special approvals, electrical and electronic devices in particular. The final product to be sold should also have a specific seal of approval.