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  • Different wireless network topologies can be formed after the new firmware version AirGate-Modbus. When updating the AirGate-Modbus through its USB interface, using the DigiConfig configuration software, the devices configured as RS485-Slaves will automatically adapt to the requirements of the network.

  • NOVUS has never been so close to its customers. Operating in more than 60 countries, NOVUS delivers products and services worldwide through an established network of distributors, representatives, and value added resellers. By accessing the NOVUS website, the tab “NOVUS Worldwide” can be used to locate authorized NOVUS sales channel partners.

  • Between the 21st – 23rd of January 2014 the largest technology event intended for indoor environmental comfort occurs in New York, AHR EXPO 2014. Considered the most important trade fair focused on the heating...

  • 12/20/2013

    Seasons Holliday

    NOVUS announces that on the 23rd of December 2013 we will begin the period of collective vacations, scheduled to return on January 7, 2013. During this time there will be limited commercial duty.

  • Between 15th and 19th of October NOVUS participated at the 2013 Canton Fair in China, an event that brings together more than 20.000 companies, factories and international institutes together. Marking its presence as the only Brazilian company in the electronics sector exhibiting at the event...

  • NOVUS presented with exclusivity at the fair solutions to optimize the process that involves the transportation, storage and movement of products sensitive to temperature.

  • Recognition of the effort of enterprises in the state of Rio Grande do Sul that participate in the exportation of products is the main objective of the Prêmio Exportação. Among the winning companies, NOVUS received, along with other corporations, the prize in the category of Market Diversification, highlighting the number of countries to which it exports.

  • NOVUS presents a new way to access data and information, available anywhere and anytime. Incorporating Cloud computing portal which is launched in a webserver that can be accessed on any platform that is connected to the internet.


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