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  • NOVUS has just released the N1200 universal process controller with self-adaptive tuning. This fully new controller monitors the process variable at a high rate of 55 samples per second and continuously updates the PID parameters for best process response at all times without any user interference. The advanced PID algorithm along with a proprietary performance improving system minimizes overshoots and output oscillations thus contributing actively for the lifespan of critical valves or actuators and considerably reducing system energy consumption.

  • The already popular and robust LogBox-RHT data logger is now even better after getting a crispy and clear LCD display. This new logger is named LogBox-RHT LCD and displays not only the recorded temperature and relative humidity but it can also measure and indicate the actual dew point.
    The convenient display shows the measured variables, minimum and maximum points, alarm situations and battery status.

  • ISA Show Mexico - A succesful event!

  • Novus is lauching a new line of PID Controllers and Indicators. This superb family of microprocessor-based controllers provides high accuracy with great flexibility for the toughest applications.

  • Hannover Messe finished last saturday 24th, in Germany. Novus established more than 200 excelent contacts with companies all over the world.

  • The Web Server WS10 is a data acquisition and RTU device capable to integrate equipments and sensors to the internet, ethernet or wireless networks. With a celular modem, it's perfect for wireless telemetry purposes through GPRS (GSM) or 1xRTT (CDMA).

  • TxBlock and TxRail comprehends a family of head mount and DIN rail mount 4-20mA temperature transmitters for the most common temperature applications.One single model can be configured to accept several thermocouple types and Pt100 RTD.

  • Article explaining the concept of PID control and presenting basic tunning rules. In portuguese.


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