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NOVUS launches I/O module for OEE systems

Every company is constantantly searching for efficiency, by optimizing resources and increasing productivity without sacrificing quality. The OEE (acronym for Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is an indicator used to measure performance in the industry. It is a value that points out how much the company uses its machines, labor and materials in production, helping to improve processes, identify losses and increase equipment productivity.


NOVUS presents DigiRail OEE, a product designed for companies of any that wants to increase their income and would like to use an OEE system. The DigiRail OEE is an I / O module that receives signals from the production line and sends them to cloud systems and OEE systems or MES (Manufacturing Executing System), becoming an important ally for capturing data and calculating efficiency in real time, a key factor for better decision making.


DigiRail OEE has the industry most used certifications to guarantee the monitoring reliability even in the most aggressive environments. Due to its large internal buffering capacity data is recorded uninterruptedly, even in an eventual downlink, being automatically downloaded upon return of your connection.


DigiRail OEE is the perfect I / O module for the company that seeks to combine productivity, quality and efficiency in its production processes.

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