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Controllers N1040 e N1050 get an upgrade

Update meets market demands

The intermediate line of NOVUS controllers, N1040 and N1050 models are even more complete. Both are now available in versions with analog outputs, a market demand for expanding the benefits of devices that are already widely used in automation processes and industrial machines.


The N1050 model, specifically, in addition to ramps and soaks, now operates in control and retransmission with analog output.


From this upgrade on, two main functions are now attended by these models at an affordable cost and with the same guarantees that NOVUS already offers: Reliability, quality, easy handling, and a 3-year warranty on these products.


Controller with analog output


With the analog output, the controllers can send data to other equipment, such as indicators and PLCs, even allowing them to act as multi-point controllers. The demand attends especially large machines, where the space for the devices is not easily accessible for the staff.


Another function that a controller with analog output meets is in operations that require valve control. The requirement, common in the food industry and in processes with liquids, needs efficiency and accuracy, recognized characteristics of NOVUS portfolio.


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