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NOVUS distributor in Sweden creates 100% FieldLogger-compatible software

Intab is a NOVUS distributor based in Stenkullen, Sweden, has developed an alternative software to be used with the data logger FieldLogger. It's EasyView, which promises to configure, manage and analyze data from Fieldlogger in a simple, yet powerful way, simplifying the workflow.

Being able to easily analyse measurement data provides great added value for the user, and that is why EasyView is simple but packed of advanced features. The Windows-based software is user-friendly but still handles the entire process smoothly and efficiently, from configuration and start-up to downloading and presenting data from your Fieldlogger.


For other various kinds of data EasyView acts as a complete analysis and calculating tool. It is easy to import data in many different formats directly into EasyView, and by that merge information from different sources. This makes EasyView an excellent alternative to other calculating software’s on the market.


Simple and affordable - Despite its many features, EasyView is easy to use and available at a competitive price. The software offers added value for the user with its many functions and enables analysis and management of measurement results in a simple way. In addition to visualizing the measurement in charts, there are functions such as report generator, histogram, process monitoring and formula editor. Available is also a plugin that turns EasyView into a Modbus Master that can retrieve data from a large number of sensors on a Modbus network, RTU and TCP / IP.


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