» » Hart Technology Is Simpler Than It Seems, And Novus Can Show You That!


HART technology is simpler than it seems, and NOVUS can show you that!

The TxIsoRail-HRT (DIN rail model) and TxIsoBlock-HRT (headstock model) temperature transmitters can now be purchased in a starter kit, which features both products to put consumers closer to HART® Technology. The kit also features a TxConfig-HRT configuration interface, one power supply, two resistors, a 3m cable, two NTC sensors and a handy guide to teach you step by step how to make the best use of your NOVUS HRT devices.


TxIsoRail-HRT and TxIsoBlock-HRT allow configuration through the two-wire current loop 4-20mA, which means more features for devices setting up and monitoring. These temperature transmitters with HART® technology provide 1.5 kVrms voltage isolation between the sensor and the current loop while withstanding high temperatures, making them good choices for applications in the petrochemical or steel industries.


HART® protocol emerged in the 1980s to allow two-way communication beyond process variables. It is supported by over 40 million field instruments, making the new temperature transmitters versatile and flexible devices with consistent and stable communication. Both TxIsoRail-RHT and TxIsoBlock-HRT can be configured with HART® certified software and interfaces, which provides compatibility with HART® devices from different manufacturers.


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