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Get to know NOVUS validated software for configuration and data download

The pharmaceutical, hospital and food sectors are among the most rigorous areas when it comes to data security since any errors in these environments can lead to health problems. Focusing on these demanding segments, NOVUS introduces NXperience Trust, a validated software that allows the configuration and download of data loggers and the archiving of downloaded information.


Thanks to its connectivity, NXperience Trust can be used as a central data management system. It can operate the information of all the devices of the installations that are in a network with more than one station of operation and with the data centralized in a server.


NXperience Trust complies with the technical requirements of  FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for validation of computer systems: the user will have electronic record of encrypted data, strong authentication mechanism with validity of password and application event log (Audit Trail) for traceability. The protocols and the validation execution are offered as options to complement the application.


NXperience Trust: Reliable software for those who need to monitor variables and search for a simple and intuitive system with features for data analysis and visualization, user authentication and information security.

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