» » Novus N1050 Temperature Controller Combines Performance And Economy


NOVUS N1050 temperature controller combines performance and economy

The PID temperature controller from NOVUS combines performance, design and economy. In addition to the well proven efficiency of the NOVUS PID algorithm, the N1050 incorporates a liquid crystal display with bigger digits, a clear status indication, and one of the lowest power consumption on the market.


With a rugged housing, N1050 complies with all safety and EMC standards, being an UL and CE certified device. Compact, with only 80 mm of depth, it is easy to install and to maintain due to its convenient detachable connector.


The N1050 temperature controller offers five ramp-and-soak programs for the setpoint profile, soft start for the control output, as well as  timer functions. All parameters are password-protected and can be configured on the product keypad, via USB, or through Modbus RS485.

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