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Sanitation company reduces maintenance costs with NOVUS devices

Basic sanitation (a set of services, infrastructures and facilities for drinking water supply, sanitary sewer, waste management and storm water drainage) is recognized by the UN as a human right, and its absence or inefficiency favors the transmission of infectious diseases such as cholera, hepatitis and typhoid fever.


With the growth of cities and the increase in pollution, sewage treatment, that is, the transformation of contaminated water from residences, industry and commerce into clean water to be returned to the environment, must be increasingly comprehensive and dynamic. It is in the wastewater treatment plants that the process takes place.


There are several types of possible treatments, and the method to be used depends on physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the water. Firstly, the sewage will pass through the grid that retains larger solids in the water, up to decanters and aeration tanks. During this route, lift pumps need to work so that the effluents pass through the plumbing of the wastewater treatment plant. The sewage is usually "heavy" because of the residues and the pumps need to be very powerful. In case of failures or overloads, there is the risk of system clogging, which can cause flooding and return of residues through the customers' pipe.


A large sanitation company in Brazil uses NOVUS solutions to ensure the perfect operation of the wastewater treatment plants and avoid problems in its system and for its customers. Using FieldLogger, it is possible to monitor the temperature in the stators of the lift pumps. In addition, this reading and registering module is also capable of monitoring vibration. This way, any changes are detected. These variables are important in sewage treatment, as a temperature increase can indicate an overload in the operation, and there are residues that can pass without locking the rotor, but taking it off the shaft, which can damage the pump.


FieldLogger has eight analog inputs and eight digital inputs individually configurable as input or output. In the case of the device installed to measure the pump variables in the wastewater treatment plants, one of the outputs is configured to generate an alarm to the station panel in case of occurrence. In this way, it is possible to stop pumping and solve the problem. FieldLogger is a high-resolution, high-speed device with high connectivity, easy to configure and operate.


The lift pumps of the wastewater treatment plants in which the FieldLoggers have been installed are high-power, high-cost equipment, that is, changing them is expensive and the periodic maintenance is extremely important. With the NOVUS data logger, it is possible to avoid damage and act quickly in case of any problems, making the company provide a better service to the population and save on equipment replacement.    

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