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Need local loop indication? Use LoopView!

An economical option to monitor variables in industrial processes: this is LoopView, a new NOVUS product that come as the ideal solution for local indication of pressure or temperature sensors. Designed for situations where it is preferable to have local indication (so that the technician can make a quick diagnosis of the process without the need to go to the instrumentation room) LoopView is powered by the current loop. Being practical, the product has front panel with measured variable indication and keys for adjustments directly in the indicator.

"Having LoopView in our line of indicators allows us to offer a product with more added value to the customer. In addition to being the ideal combination for NOVUS pressure or temperature sensors, it allows for the combination with any sensor that uses the standard connector, simplifying the installation", says Fabio Piuma, NOVUS product manager.


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