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Important message – COVID-19

We must take all necessary actions to slow down the spread the of the COVID-19 virus. Following local and international recommendations and concerned with our employees, relatives, customers, business partners and suppliers NOVUS is taking the following measures:


- Our factory in Brazil is suspending operations from 03/24/2020 to 04/13/2020.


- Technical Support team is operating from home and will continue to help customers through the following channels:


Technical support request form at


Chat online:

Phone: + 1 786 245 7450 (USA) or + 55 51: 4007-1596 (all other countries)


- International Sales team is operating from home and will continue to support customers from the following channels:


Phone: + 1 786 235 2674 (USA) or + 55 51 3323 3600 (all other countries)


- All travels and face-to-face meetings have been cancelled or postponed.


We reinforce the importance of collective awareness considering all the safety procedures that this moment requires. During this difficult time, the most valuable thing is taking care of those who have always been there for us.


If you have any further question, please contact us by


We wish you, your families and your employees keep in good health.


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NOVUS launches WL420, a submersible transmitter to measure hydrostatic level


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