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  • AirGate-3G


    The AirGate-3G is a cellular router for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and provides remote access to local networks. It acts as a Modbus RTU master and reads up to 128 registers of Modbus remote channels. All da...""

  • LoopView-i


    LoopView is a two-wire 4-20mA loop indicator, loop powered and low power. Its excellent precision allows to indicate several measurements like pressure, differential pressure, flow, pH, ...""

  • NOVUS Cloud - Version 1

    NOVUS Cloud - Version 1

    NOVUS Cloud is a platform focused on solutions for the Internet of Things that extends the horizons of data presentation. Applied in conjunction with products from NOVUS, this platform receives, stores, analyses and pres...""

  • Electronic Indicator N320

    Electronic Indicator N320

    The N320 is a temperature meter that provides you in the frontal display the measured temperature of the sensor connected to its terminals. The temperature sensors available are NTC Thermistor, Pt100, Pt1000 and J, K, T ...""

  • Portable Temperature Meters - N305 and N306

    Portable Temperature Meters - N305 and N306

    The portable thermometers models N305 and N306 accurately show in their high contrast LCD display the temperature being measured by the connected thermocouple sensor. Model N305 has one sensor input (T1). Model N306 ha...""

  • Universal Indicator N480i

    Universal Indicator N480i

    This low cost and easy-to-use universal indicator can be programmed by non-experienced users. Full rangeability and a 24 Vdc output for remote transmitters are standard. ""

  • NP600


    NOVUS NP600 product family of industrial pressure transmitters features programmable range and digital field calibration capabilities. They are offered in the ceramic thick film pressure...""

  • TM1210


    The TM1210 Digital Thermometer is a simple and yet very accurate instrument for measuring and indicating temperatures within the -40 to 95°C range. With a high resolution LCD display, it is provided with a water proof ex...""

  • Digital Thermometer RT600

    Digital Thermometer RT600

    The RT series of pocket thermometers are low cost and accurate digital instruments to be used at industrial kitchens, laboratories, HVAC, food displays, dairy products, fish acquariums, breweries and general food process...""

  • Pressure Transmitter - NP300

    Pressure Transmitter - NP300

    The NP300 product family of industrial pressure transmitters features programmable range and the digital field calibration capabilities.They are offered in five basic pressure ranges: 0,1 MPa (1 bar) / 0,3 MPa (3 ...""

  • TagTemp-S


    Cost-effective data logger recommended on transportation applications known as “single-trip” which the logger does not return to the sender, even though the data logger is reconfigurable and reusable. This NFC wireless d...""

  • WebServer WS10

    WebServer WS10

    The WebServer WS10 is a device for data acquisition, logging and transmission. It is capable of integrating instruments and sensors to the Internet, ethernet and wireless. The inputs for data acquisition can be either th...""

  • TxIsoPack-HART & TxIsoRail-HART

    TxIsoPack-HART & TxIsoRail-HART

    The TxIsoPack-HART and TxIsoRail-HART are high performance temperature transmitters which convert RTDs, Thermocouples and voltage signals into a 4-20 mA current along with a superimposed HART protocol digital communicati...""

  • NP430D


    The NP430D series of pressure transmitters have been developed for generalindustrial applications including refrigeration technology. It can be used with most refrigerant gases and liquids but is NOT compatible with ammo...""

  • 691


    Designed for high performance applications, the 691 series of pressure transmitters features great accuracy at moderate cost in the range of 600 bar relative pressure or 16 bar absolute....""

  • TxRail


    The temperature transmitter TxRail for DIN 35mm is easily programmable by user. The transmitter replaces the traditional analog transmitters with advantages, like the linearized sensor input. The input configuration an...""

  • myPCProbe


    myPCProbe is a temperature or temperature and humidity sensor which connects to a PC via a USB port. From hobbyists to scientists, from simple technical tasks to complex engineering activities, myPCProbe can be an invalu...""



    This practical and convenient pocket instrument accurately measures and displays temperature and relative humidity simultaneously. It is an invaluable companion for the HVAC technicians, laboratory researchers, food stor...""

  • Stabilis


    The Smart Thermo Box Stabilis is the perfect solution for efficient, effective and systematically monitoring the transport of pharmaceuticals, blood products, vaccines and other temperature sensitive products. It perform...""



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