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Devices ready for IoT connectivity, either directly or indirectly, bringing information to cloud or dedicated systems.

  • Cellular VPN Router	 AirGate 4G

    Cellular VPN Router

    AirGate 4G

    AirGate 4G is a cellular network VPN router for industrial use that ensures secure remote access for distributed applications as it has the most common encryption protocols in IT infrastructure and fallback function for ...

  • Data logger Wi-Fi  LogBox Wi-Fi

    Data logger Wi-Fi

    LogBox Wi-Fi

    LogBox Wi-Fi is an IoT device with integrated data logger and Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows monitoring and recording of data remotely, in facilities with Wi-Fi infrastructure. The data can be accessed remotely, wirelessl...

  • Bluetooth Multi Channel Data Logger LogBox BLE

    Bluetooth Multi Channel Data Logger

    LogBox BLE

    LogBox BLE is a bluetooth data logger for up to three analog sensors and one digital. The analog channels accept direct connection of thermocouple temperature sensors or Pt100 and sensors for any other quantities with si...

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