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Power modules and solid state relays (SSR) that includes applications for activation of resistive or inductive loads with numerous advantages over conventional relays or electromechanical counters. Can be used in single-phase or three-phase loads, with models that suits a wide range of powers.

  • 10 to 100 Ampere

    Solid State Relay - SSR

    10 to 100 Ampere

    These electronic devices are used for switching resistive and inductive loads and outperform the conventional mechanical relays with great advantages. The life cycle with millions of operations, the high switching speed ...""

  • 150 to 300 Ampere

    Solid Sate Relay - SSR

    150 to 300 Ampere

    These devices are used for switching single, bi or triphase resistive and inductive loads. They can be triggered directly by digital controllers with Pulsed Width Modulation action thus performing very accurate results a...""

  • 40 to 300 Ampere

    Solid State Module - SSR

    40 to 300 Ampere

    All-in-one solution for electrical load switching, includes heatsink, fan, over-temperature protection (in some models) and connector block. These devices are used for switching single, bi or triphase resistive and induc...""

  • 60 to 200 Ampere

    Power Controller

    60 to 200 Ampere

    NOVUS Power Controller is an electronic equipment with functions to control and limit electric power delivered to a generic electric load. These functions are performed under modern techniques, providing distinguished im...""

  • 40 to 90 Ampere (Triphasic)

    Solid Sate Relay - SSR

    40 to 90 Ampere (Triphasic)

    The Solid State Relays (SSR) are electronic devices used for switching resistive or inductive AC loads with many advantages over the conventional relays. A control voltage applied to the device INPUT turns the SSR ON, en...""



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