N321R - Temperature Controller with Defrost (Compressor Turned Off)

» » » » N321r - Temperature Controller With Defrost (compressor Turned Off)
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The N321R is a temperature controller dedicated to applications in refrigeration. The defrost cycle is accomplished by turning off the compressor at time intervals chosen by the user. Pt100, Pt1000 and thermistor sensors inputs available. Adjust for ON and OFF durations. Auto defrost at programmable intervals. Manual Defrost key in the front pannel.

- Sensor input: Pt100 (-50 to 300ºC), Pt1000 (-200 to 530°C) or thermistor (-30 to +105°C)

- IP65 enclosure frontal protection

- Display indication does not change during defrost cycles

- Minimum ON and OFF durations accessed by the user

- Relay SPDT: 1 HP 250 Vac / 1/3 HP 125 Vac (16 A Resisitive) (up to 1HP compressors)

- Resolution: 0,1°C from -19,9 to 199,9°C

- Accuracy: ± 0,5°C/°F ±1 digit

- Adjustable hysteresis

- Sampling: 1,5 per second

- Working temperature: 0 to 50°C

- Power supply: 85-250Vac (internal) or 12-24Vac/dc

- Digital comunication via RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol (optional)

- Dimensions: 75x33x75mm

  • 80321R1012

    N321R Pt100 defrost Temperature controller, 1 relay

  • 80321R1014

    N321R Pt100 defrost 12~24Vdc Temperature controller, 1 relay

  • 80321R3013

    "N321R NTC LVD ""Low Voltage Detector"" Temperature controller"

  • 80321R2012

    N321R Pt1000 defrost Temperature controller, 1 relay

  • 80321R2014

    N321R Pt1000 defrost 12~24Vdc Temperature controller 1 relay

  • 80321R3012

    N321R NTC defrost Temperature controller, 1 relay

  • 80321R3014

    N321R NTC defrost 12~24Vdc Temperature controller, 1 relay

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Flyer N321R & N323R

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Flyer Eletronic Thermostats NOVUS

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Operating Manual N321R

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CE - D.O.C. Electronic Thermostats

CE Declaration of Conformidity.

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2D Housing Drawing - N32x

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Selection Guide - Thermostat

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