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ISO 9001

SuperView Mobile

SCADA Application for Mobile Supervision

SuperView Mobile is a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system developed for users who want to monitor, control and supervise devices in their industrial, commercial or residential plant using Android Smartphones and Tablets. This mobile system provides an easy interface use for advanced users and beginners, in addition to providing a configuration wizard that guides the user to develop a complete application.


Remote communication is carried out using the Modbus TCP protocol over the communication interfaces present on the mobile device such as Wifi, 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth, etc. The graphical interface is made up of list, trend graph and map (GPS) keys that allow data visualization for both reading and writing. The configured alarms are integrated into the ANDROID notification system, where the user is immediately notified and can recognize them for traceability purposes. This and other important events in the application are recorded and can be viewed with the Audit Trail.


The application can be downloaded directly from Google Play. Simple applications with up to 5 tags (variables) can be created for free. Buy the add-on directly to the app to create unlimited Tags. 

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- List type screens Trend Chart and Map (GPS)
- Connections to any Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU over TCP devices
- Typed tags (integer, float, bit, boolean)
- Alarms integrated into the android system

- Alarm recognition for traceability
- Mathematical formulas with function library
- Import and export of applications
- User authentication security
- Audit Trail (Event / occurrence log)

- Statistics and application status in real time
- Project information for version control
- Encrypted application file


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