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NOVUS Cloud - Version 1

NOVUS Cloud is a platform focused on solutions for the Internet of Things that extends the horizons of data presentation. Applied in conjunction with products from NOVUS, this platform receives, stores, analyses and presents on the Internet measurements of temperature, humidity, pressure, location and any other quantity of interest. Clients can access physical data via the internet which is especially beneficial for clients in in the areas of industry, logistics, health, construction, energy, water treatment and agriculture.  
Physical quantity measurements can be obtained by any MODBUS equipment connected to a FieldLogger or AirGate-3G , that will then send this data to NOVUS Cloud.  For those interested in temperature recording applications, TagTemp-NFC together with the Android application LogChart-NFC can be utilized to send measurement to NOVUS cloud.
The platform is secure, scalable and has a rapid development environment suitable even for people without programming experience.  The cloud applications are completely personalizable. It is possible to create various dashboards with widgets to display data, configure alarms and events, send notifications via email and configure scripts to process data.

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• Secure access to the system
• Rapid and easy registration of equipment
• Personalizable dashboards to display data
• Extensive set of widgets to display data in various forms including trends, graphs, lists, indicators, reports and maps.
• Development tool for creating new widgets (using Javascript) with examples available.
• Ability to program scripts (using LUA) for complex tasks such as sending data via SMS, via email or data processing with examples available.
• Remote access API  for integration with other systems.
• Development of differentiated applications and customized brands
• Consult our plans appropriate for your business size and needs
• Consult our services available to configure the system and develop customized widgets and program scripts


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