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Supervisory and Data Acquisition Software

FieldChart is a software used for monitor and register data acquired from NOVUS products. It generates real time trends and data lists that can be exported in usable formats like a spread sheet. There are two versions available: FieldChart-Lite and FieldChart-64C.



The FieldChart-Lite can register 8 simultaneous channels and it is available for free.



The FieldChart-64C can register up to 64 simultaneous channels. Request your quote!



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FieldChart-Lite V2.0.3.04

FieldChart-Lite is a free Windows software that allows users to view, log and generate reports for most NOVUS device.

Download - FieldChart-Lite V2.0.3.04

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(ZIP - 21.41 Mb)


FieldChart-64C V2.0.3.04

FieldChart-64C is a Windows compatible software that allows communication and logging of data from FieldLogger and other NOVUS devices.

Download - FieldChart-64C V2.0.3.04

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(ZIP - 21.38 Mb)


NHost - Novus Host, Communication Test Software

When downloading this file to your computer, save it in a directory without accent marks in its name.

Download - NHost - Novus Host, Communication Test Software

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(EXE - 0.37 Mb)


Field Chart Tutorial Video

Watch the video and learn how to configure the software.

Download - Field Chart Tutorial Video

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(MP4 - 4.96 Mb)

  • I/O modules

  • DigiRail-VA - Electrical Parameters Transmitter

    The DigiRail-VA is the latest addition to the successful and cost effective DigiRail family. Specifically designed for single phase AC power analysis applications, it is able to measure the most important AC signals and retransmit them in both analog and digital ways.

  • Controllers

  • N1020 - Temperature Controller

    The temperature controller N1020 features advanced performance capability for the most complex and critical applications. Based on a high-end microprocessor and designed with a sophisticated auto-adaptive PID algorithm it continuously adjusts the PID parameters for best controlling performance.


    The programmable input, configurable dual output along with the full range power supply provide maximum flexibility in application.


    This 1/32 DIN size PID Controller has extremely small front dimensions of only 48x24 mm and is the right choice for controlling laboratory equipment when panel space is reduced.




  • N1040 - Temperature Controller

    The microprocessor based N1040 was conceived for low cost applications and yet achieving high degree of accuracy. It features a short depth enclosure of only 70 mm thus reducing panel space considerably. Another important innovation is the exclusive removable wiring connection block which translates into ease of use during installation process.


    It accepts Pt100 RTDs and thermocouples types J, K and T and features two outputs for control and alarm, universal power supply and automatic tuning of the PID paramenters. The N1040 is set to be the lowest cost temperature controller in the market while keeping high performance standards.

  • N1040T - Time and Temperature Controller

    N1040T is an economic and efficient Time and Temperature controller, developed with modern technology and automatic tuning of PID parameters, ON-OFF control and totally configurable. It has a reduced depth flameproof plastic enclosure.

    It has two independent timers with several operation modes that allow timer association to the controller output or to the temperature control.

    It accepts Pt100 sensors and thermocouples types J/K/T with decimals on all sensors. It has a fast electrical connection coupler system that reduces installation time.
    Single model with 4 configurable outputs for process control, alarm or timing. Configuration protection by password and factory calibration recovery.


  • N1050 - LCD temperature PID controller

    N1050 is an advanced high performance PID temperature controller featuring a vivid LCD display in a modern design package. It combines the proven robustness of NOVUS PID algorithm with a large and bright easy-to-read multicolor 11-segment LCD display with alphanumeric mnemonics and crystal clear status signaling.


    Besides the PID auto-tuning capability, N1050 outputs PWM control mode through pulse or relay. Up to three optional output relays can be selected. It also features 5 ramp-and-soak profile programs, soft start output and timer function which complement the advanced features of the controller. With password protected, all parameters are configurable by the display menu, via USB port or optional RS485 Modbus interface.

    Easy to install and maintain due to its detachable connector, N1050 offers the lowest power consumption in the market. Housed in anti-flame material, it has 48x48 mm (DIN 1/16) format and low profile front panel. Suitable for hostile environments, it complies with standard EMC regulations, providing robustness and reliability including untapped temperature applications.

  • N1100 - Universal Controller

    It holds in one single instrument all the major features that are needed for the vast majority of industrial processes. Both input and output are selected through the front keyboard without hardware change.

  • N120 - Process Controller

    N120 is a versatile process controller. It holds in one single instrument all the main features needed for the vast majority
    of industrial processes. It accepts most of the sensors and signals used in the industry and provides the main
    output types required by usual applications. A self-adaptive PID adjusts PID parameters providing the best performance for the process.

  • N1200 - Auto-Adaptive PID Controller

    The N1200 process controller was designed for high performance control in the most demanding applications. Its advanced and consolidated Auto-Adaptive PID algorithm ensures fast and highly accurate response in very dynamic processes with complex profiles.

    N1200 has the fastest sampling rate among competitors, which allows the PID control to actuate with great responsiveness ensuring the correct process dynamics. Both electronic robustness and anti-flame material enclosure comply with the main world-class approvals for industry devices.

    Advanced configuration of all parameters and fine tuning can be easily and quickly achieved via the USB port by using the free-of-charge NOVUS configuration software.

    Besides the standard parameters settings, N1200 also performs customized ramp and soak temperature profiles by programming up to 20 user-configured recipes or up to 180 segments.

  • N2000 - Universal Controller

    The N2000 Universal Process Controller is a real breakthrough in versatility for holding in one single instrument all the major features required in the vast majority of industrial processes.With a sophisticated and consistent software and its advanced truly universal circuitry, the N2000 accepts configuration of both input signal and control output through the front keyboard without any internal hardware change.

    Power supply for remote loop powered transmitters is standard and is a must for high-end applications.
    From the very simple applications as a temperature controller to the most complex systems of distributed control with PLC’s or SCADA networks, the N2000 is the right answer to your needs for industrial or laboratory automation.
    The N2000S is specific for applications in controlling servo motorized valves, servo actuators and dampers by means of two time proportional relays.


  • Data Acquisition & Supervision

  • FieldLogger - Industrial Multichannel Data Logger

    FieldLogger is a versatile, powerful, and yet cost-effective data logger handling analog, digital, and other types of variables with high resolution and speed. It is a high performance and high connectivity equipment and yet easy to configure and operate.
    It has 8 configurable analog inputs that can read thermocouples, Pt100, Pt1000, voltage and current signals. It also has 2 relay outputs and 8 digital ports individually configurable as inputs or outputs.
    Up to 128 mathematical channels can be used to perform operations on the measured values. Up to 32 alarm events can be detected, allowing output activations, e-mails and SNMP traps sending.


    Its RS485 interface can operate as a Modbus RTU master or slave. As a master, it can read and log up to 64 external channels. It has a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface that allows for access through a browser (HTTP), FTP (client and server), e-mails sending (SMTP), SNMP and Modbus TCP.
    FieldLogger has one USB interface to be connected to a computer (for configuration, monitoring and data download) and another USB port for plugging a flash driver for data retrieval. The 512k logging basic memory is used to store data and it can be greatly expanded with an SD card.
    An exclusive color HMI can be attached or remotely installed for local indication or configuration. A user-friendly configurator software can be accessed by Ethernet, USB or RS485 and also provides means for on-line monitoring, logged data downloading and exporting to spread sheets and other formats.
    Remote Mounting Kit
    The FieldLogger's HMI (Human-Machine Interface) can be assembled remotely to the equipment, being connected to it via a cable. This kit makes such operation easy, for it supplies all parts necessary to attach the HMI to a panel, connecting it to the FieldLogger to read the interested data.

  • Wireless

  • AirGate-Modbus - Wireless Modbus Gateway

    AirGate-Modbus is a gateway designed to create a network of wireless sensors.

    It can be used as extender of Modbus RS485 network and offers flexibility and scalability for the various networks inside facilities. It has long range wireless communication, reaching up to 3200 feet (1000m).


    Operating through own NOVUS-Air wireless network protocol (802.15.4), AirGate-Modbus is independent from the IT customer infrastructure.


    The communication has secure data traffic, ensured by 128-bit encryption, and uses available frequency bands of less interference, providing stability and reliability in the communication link. Easy installation, configuration and diagnostics make the AirGate-Modbus an outstanding product for field commissioning.

  • Pressure Transmitters

  • NP785 - Ultra Low Differential Pressure Transmitter

    Ideal for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), clean-room and flow measurement applications, the NP785 is an ultra low differential pressure transmitter for measuring very small over-pressure, underpressure and differential pressure in neutral, non-corrosive gaseous media. It provides a pressure proportional linear signal output with configurable measuring range via USB using the configuration software.


    NP785 can operate bi-directionally, providing the ability to measure differential pressure ranges from vacuum to positive pressure. It is housed in a DIN rail mountable ABS/ PC enclosure and its nickel plated brass fittings accept pneumatic hoses with 4 or 6 mm internal diameter.


    The analog output can be set to either 0-10 V or 4-20 mA while having an RS485 with Modbus RTU communication protocol. Designed for HVAC and industrial environment, the NP785 ensures temperature compensation for longterm stability and complies with EMC standards, providing robustness and reliability for a wide range of applications.

  • Humidity & Temperature

  • RHT Climate - Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

    With a wide backlit LCD and distinctive design, the RHT Climate is a relative humidity and temperature transmitter that provides highly accurate and stable measurements over a wide operating range. It calculates in real time seven psychrometric properties and all variables will be available in current or voltage retransmission or by RS485 Modbus RTU communication.


    Versatile, the device allows parameters configuration, temperature and relative humidity simulation and retransmission signal generation, useful features for fast and easy in the field commissioning through USB with NXperience or directly over the keyboard. The RHT Climate also has two digital alarm outputs and an embedded buzzer for sound alarm.

  • RHT-485-LCD - Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

    The RHT-WM-485-LCD and RHT-DM-485-LCD transmitters include high precision and stability sensors for measuring temperature and relative humidity. They are microprocessed devices and, therefore, allow being entirely configured through a RS485 interface, using the Modbus RTU commands. The DigiConfig allows the configuration of all transmitter features as well as its diagnostic procedure.

  • RHT-Air - Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

    RHT-Air is a fully wireless solution for measuring temperature and humidity over long distances, allowing the configuration and reading of the parameters through the wireless network up to 500 m, bringing practicality and efficiency to the application.


    It has long battery life - which can operate as a no break - combined with the convenience of a wireless sensor that avoids the absorption of electrical noise, ensuring a robust and safe solution.


    Operation without cables and wires simplifies the installation. In addition to the ease of reallocation of the devices, it is possible to extend the telemetry network extremely easily: simply attach the new sensor where necessary and configure it from a distance!


    Moreover, RHT-Air operates on its own wireless network, without the need to use the company's IT infrastructure, allowing its stand-alone operation.

  • Electronic Thermostats

  • N321 - Cooling and Heating Temperature Controller

    The N321 temperature controller are used to measure, indicate and control temperature in many different systems. Accepts 4 sensors types: Pt100, Pt1000, NTC or Thermocouple J. The user can program the control action according to the application: direct action (refrigeration) or reverse action (heating). The internal 10 A relay can directly switch compressors or electrical heaters with ON/OFF control.

  • N322 - 2-Output Temperature Controller

    Digital temperature controller for heating and refrigeration purposes with 2 independent setpoints. It has Pt1000, thermistor NTC, PTC or J thermocouples inputs available.

  • N322RHT - Humidity and Temperature Controller

    The 322RHT is a digital controller for relative humidity and temperature. Its 2 relay outputs can be configured independently as control or alarm, either for temperature or relative humidity.


    The features of a particular model (mains supply, digital communication, etc) are identified by the label placed on the thermostat body.

  • N323RHT - Humidity and Temperature Controller

    The N323RHT is a digital controller of temperature and relative humidity. It has three relay type control outputs that can be configured to act as a controller, alarm or timer. The humidity and temperature sensor is not included (it is sold separately). The sensor is protected by a polyamide capsule and has a 3 meter long cable.


    The electrical characteristics of each model are presented in the housing of the controller itself, according to the purchase order. It has CE (European Union) and UL (United States and Canada) certificates.

  • Data Loggers

  • LogBox BLE - Bluetooth Multi Channel Data Logger

    LogBox BLE is a bluetooth data logger for up to three analog sensors and one digital. The analog channels accept direct connection of thermocouple temperature sensors or Pt100 and sensors for any other quantities with signals in current or voltage. The digital channel could either record events with time stamp, such as opening a door or counting pulses from a flow sensor.


    The logging interval of LogBox BLE is configurable, and the user can access the parameters using a desktop or notebook via USB interface  with the NXperience software or using Android smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with NXperience Mobile app into Android and iOS devices. Both applications allow the configuration, download and analysis of the records.


    Since LogBox BLE is the first data logger of Connect family, it can be named as one of the best products on the market for applications that require accuracy in the recording of temperature data, such as laboratories, cold rooms, data centers, among others for requirements such as wireless technology recorder.

  • LogBox Wi-Fi - Data logger Wi-Fi

    LogBox Wi-Fi is an IoT device with integrated data logger and Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows monitoring and recording of data remotely, in facilities with Wi-Fi infrastructure. The data can be accessed remotely, wirelessly and centralized through SCADA application, cloud dashboard or by NXperience software. Easy installation and accessibility are highlights of this device.


    The device has three universal analog inputs and one digital input, that can operate as counter of pulses (flow sensor) or recorder of events (opening/closing doors). LogBox Wi-Fi has MQTT protocol to publish data into IoT brokers, Cloud or SCADA system, as well as Modbus TCP protocol to operate as slave into SCADA systems.


    The device provides uninterrupted recording of data, even in failures of power supply or wireless link, due to its 2-year autonomy backup battery. LogBox Wi-Fi can be used to comply with security requirements of FDA Regulation Title 21 CFR Part 11.

  • Indicators

  • N1040i - Universal Process Indicator

    The Universal Process Indicator N1040i combines, in one compact and convenient 1/16 DIN enclosure, a high precision microprocessor based analog circuit with a very simple configuration interface to monitor a wide range of analog variables.

    This low cost tough versatile process indicator is compatible with most common thermocouples, Pt100 RTD and linear as 4 to 20 mA and mV.

    With a intuitive interface to program range and decimal point through the keypad, N1040i allows inexperienced instrumentation operators easy installation and start up for most processes.
    Optionally N1040i has two alarm relays with 6 programmable functions and auxiliary power supply for external signal conditioners.


  • N1500 - Universal process indicator

    N1500 universal process indicator works at fast sampling rate, which ensures high-performance indication and reaction to fast processes dynamics. With 6 digits for high-resolution variables and the 17mm height display, N1500 provides clear view, making it easier for operators to read and diagnose from a distance.

    Its timer function performs wide action capabilities through alarms for safety interlock logic. Furthermore, N1500 is fully compatible with custom signals through its linearized input for up to 30 points.
    Both electronic robustness and anti-flame material enclosure comply with the main world-class approvals for industry devices.

  • N1540 - Universal process indicator

    N1540 universal process indicator works at fast sampling rate, which ensures high-performance indication and response to fast varying processes. With 5 digits for high-resolution variables and the 17mm height display, N1540 provides clear view, making it easier for operators to read and diagnose from a distance. Both electronic robustness and anti-flame material enclosure comply with the main world-class approvals for industry devices.


    New Release: 4-20mA retransmission output. Request a quote now!

  • 8845000030

    FieldChart 64C Plotting and Analysis SCADA Software, 64-ch.


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