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TxConfig Mobile

Application for TxBlock-USB

Application for setting parameters via USB OTG on TxBlock-USB from NOVUS.


With TxConfig it is possible to configure and monitor the temperature quickly and easily.

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- Parameters setting 
- Real-time diagnostics
- Android operating system


Android Application TxConfig Mobile

This version is used for TxBlock-USB.

Download - Android Application TxConfig Mobile

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(APK - 8.55 Mb)

  • Temperature Transmitters

  • TxBlock-USB - Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter

    Powerful high-accuracy loop-powered head mounted temperature transmitter, it accepts several types of temperature sensors – thermocouples, Pt100, Pt1000, NTC and 0-50 mV signal – all-in-one model, with linearized 4-20 mA output and configurable measurement range.

    It allows 2 points calibration for field tuning and can be supplied already preconfigured with customer parameters.
    As a world class device, TxBlock-USB is compliant with the leading standards of electromagnetic compatibility, and is highly immune and reliable device for industrial environment.
    The innovative built-in USB port allows configuration, easy commissioning and fine tuning on periodic calibration reviews.