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Software to configure transmitters and gateways

DigiConfig is an easy-to-use software for parameterizing and diagnosing transmitters and gateways with a Modbus RTU serial interface, so that they can later be connected to any supervisory or control system.


The devices are physically connected to the computer via an RS485 network. For this connection, you can use a USB cable, an RS232-RS485 converter or a USB-RS485 converter. The communication protocol used between the computer and equipment is Modbus RTU.

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- Parameters setting 
- Real-time diagnostics
- USB / Serial communication
- Firmware update



DigiConfig Configurator V1.8.3.03 (3/21/2022)

DigiRails, DigiGate, Transmissor RHT-485-LCD, AirGate-Modbus, RHT-Air, AirGate-GPRS and TxMini-M12-485 configuration software. Windows® 8 compatible.

Download - DigiConfig Configurator V1.8.3.03 (3/21/2022)

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(ZIP - 8.15 Mb)

  • I/O modules

  • DigiRail - Modbus IO Modules

    The DigiRail line of smart transmitters with Modbus RTU comunication interface provide a simple way for integrating analog or digital signals to supervisory systems. Featuring up to two universal input analog signal channels they are the most economical way to deliver analog inputs to PLC´s and SCADA systems. The input signals are isolated from power thus protecting the electrical instruments by eliminating ground loop effects. This reduces substantially the undesirable interferences and instabilities in sensor measurements.

  • 8811100001

  • 8811200101

  • 8811400101

  • DigiRail-VA - Electrical Parameters Transmitter

    The DigiRail-VA is the latest addition to the successful and cost effective DigiRail family. Specifically designed for single phase AC power analysis applications, it is able to measure the most important AC signals and retransmit them in both analog and digital ways.

  • Temperature Transmitters

  • TxMini-M12-485 - Compact Temperature Transmitter

    The TxMini line temperature transmitters with serial communication have compact dimensions and practical connection via M12 connector. These devices are an excellent solution for temperature measurement applications with high precision and can be installed in small spaces. With RS485 serial interface via Modbus-RTU protocol, they are easily integrated into existing networks for communication with PLCs and SCADA systems.


    The new TxMini can be configured via DigiConfig software or via Modbus commands. These commands can be generated from a SCADA supervision system.

    The PT100 sensor must be soldered to the transmitter board terminals in TxMini-M12-485 and TxMini-485 models or positioned through connectors in TxMini-M12-485-CN and TxMini-485-CN models.

    Transmitters can also be supplied without the M12 connector at the output.

  • Wireless

  • AirGate-Modbus - Wireless Modbus Gateway

    AirGate-Modbus is a gateway designed to create a network of wireless sensors.

    It can be used as extender of Modbus RS485 network and offers flexibility and scalability for the various networks inside facilities. It has long range wireless communication, reaching up to 3200 feet (1000m).


    Operating through own NOVUS-Air wireless network protocol (802.15.4), AirGate-Modbus is independent from the IT customer infrastructure.


    The communication has secure data traffic, ensured by 128-bit encryption, and uses available frequency bands of less interference, providing stability and reliability in the communication link. Easy installation, configuration and diagnostics make the AirGate-Modbus an outstanding product for field commissioning.

  • Humidity & Temperature

  • RHT-485-LCD - Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

    The RHT-WM-485-LCD and RHT-DM-485-LCD transmitters include high precision and stability sensors for measuring temperature and relative humidity. They are microprocessed devices and, therefore, allow being entirely configured through a RS485 interface, using the Modbus RTU commands. The DigiConfig allows the configuration of all transmitter features as well as its diagnostic procedure.

  • RHT-Air - Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

    RHT-Air is a fully wireless solution for measuring temperature and humidity over long distances, allowing the configuration and reading of the parameters through the wireless network up to 500 m, bringing practicality and efficiency to the application.


    It has long battery life - which can operate as a no break - combined with the convenience of a wireless sensor that avoids the absorption of electrical noise, ensuring a robust and safe solution.


    Operation without cables and wires simplifies the installation. In addition to the ease of reallocation of the devices, it is possible to extend the telemetry network extremely easily: simply attach the new sensor where necessary and configure it from a distance!


    Moreover, RHT-Air operates on its own wireless network, without the need to use the company's IT infrastructure, allowing its stand-alone operation.

  • Gateways and Converters

  • DigiGate Profibus - Gateway

    DigiGate Profibus is the ideal equipment for interconnecting a Profibus DP network with a Modbus RTU network. It works as a gateway, operating as a master station in the Modbus network and as a slave station in the Profibus network.


    Thus, according to its previous configuration, DigiGate will read the data of the other devices (slaves) of the Modbus network and send the read values to the Profibus master. In the same way, it will write at the output of the Modbus slaves according to the Profibus master requests, providing a complete control of the Modbus network devices through the Profibus network.

    The device is totally configurable through the application DigiConfig for Windows®, which comes with the product, making access and change of its parameters really easy.


DigiConfig Configurator V1.8.3.03 (3/21/2022)

DigiRails, DigiGate, Transmissor RHT-485-LCD, AirGate-Modbus, RHT-Air, AirGate-GPRS and TxMini-M12-485 configuration software. Windows® 8 compatible.

Download - DigiConfig Configurator V1.8.3.03 (3/21/2022)

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(ZIP - 8.15 Mb)

  • 8807000099

    TxConfig Pack (USB mini B cable + Software)

  • 8816021039

    TxConfig USB (configurator software + interface USB)

  • 8806000420

    USB Micro B Cable