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RHT-Air is a fully wireless solution for measuring temperature and humidity over long distances, allowing the configuration and reading of the parameters through the wireless network up to 500 m, bringing practicality and efficiency to the application.


It has long battery life - which can operate as a no break - combined with the convenience of a wireless sensor that avoids the absorption of electrical noise, ensuring a robust and safe solution.


Operation without cables and wires simplifies the installation. In addition to the ease of reallocation of the devices, it is possible to extend the telemetry network extremely easily: simply attach the new sensor where necessary and configure it from a distance!


Moreover, RHT-Air operates on its own wireless network, without the need to use the company's IT infrastructure, allowing its stand-alone operation.

- Measurement Range:
  Temperature: -40 to 100 °C
  Humidity: 0 to 100% RH

- Measurement Accuracy:
  Temperature: ±2 °C
  RH: ±3 % (20-80 °C) and ±5 % (0-100 °C)

- Measurement Resolution:
  Temperature: 0.1 °C (14 bits - 16383 levels)
  Humidity: 0.1% (12 bits - 4095 levels)

- Interval between updates: Configurable between 15 seconds and 10 minutes (600 s)

- Response Time:
  Temperature: 30 sec (air speed 1 m/s)
  Humidity: 8 sec (air speed 1 m/s)

- Display: LCD with 2 indications

- Advanced Functions: Battery Level, Dew Point indication

- Communication Interface: NOVUS Air (IEEE 802.15.4)

- Power Supply: 12-30 Vdc or 3.6 V Lithium Battery (OmniCel , ER14250HD model or EEMB, ER14250M model)

- Estimated battery life: Typical 2 years - 10 minutes update interval @ 25°C

- Dimensions:
  Box: 70 x 60 x 35 mm
  Probe size: 39 mm
  Antenna size: 105 mm

- Operating Conditions: -10 to 70 °C - 0 to 95% RH

- Enclosure: Material Polycarbonate IP40

- USB Configuration: Internal Mini-B type

- Configuration Software: DigiConfig

- Certifications: CE, ANATEL (0172-13-7089), FCC

- Electromagnetic Compatibility: EMC: EN61326-1:2006 CISPR11/EN55011, EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4, EN61000-4-6, EN61000-4-8

  • Pharmaceutical warehouses

  • 8804400110

    RHT-Air WM Wall Mount Temp./humidity wireless transmitter

  • 8803900100

    Sintered Bronze Filter for RHT Transmitters

  • 8803900110

    Teflon (PE) Sintered Filter for RHT Transmitters

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Flyer RHT Air

Download - Flyer RHT Air

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(PDF - 1.69 Mb)


Operating Manual RHT-Air

Download - Operating Manual RHT-Air

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(PDF - 2.10 Mb)


RHT-Air NB Firmware Update V1.12

RHT-Air NB Firmware Update.

Download - RHT-Air NB Firmware Update V1.12

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(ZIP - 0.03 Mb)


DigiConfig Configurator V1.8.3.02 (7/23/2019)

DigiRails, DigiGate, Transmissor RHT-485-LCD, AirGate-Modbus, RHT-Air, AirGate-GPRS and TxMini-M12-485 configuration software. Windows® 8 compatible.

Download - DigiConfig Configurator V1.8.3.02 (7/23/2019)

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(ZIP - 8.15 Mb)


RHT-Air Firmware Update V1.09

RHT-Air Firmware Update.

Download - RHT-Air Firmware Update V1.09

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(ZIP - 0.03 Mb)


Operating Manual RHT-Air (Old version)

Download - Operating Manual RHT-Air (Old version)

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(PDF - 2.07 Mb)


CE - D.O.C. RHT-Air

CE Declaration of Conformidity.

Download - CE - D.O.C. RHT-Air

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(PDF - 0.15 Mb)

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