TxIsoRail-HRT isolated DIN rail temp. transmitter 4-20mA out

» » » » Txisorail-hrt Isolated Din Rail Temp. Transmitter 4-20ma Out
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  • HART technology is simpler than it seems, and NOVUS can show you that!


    Now TxIsoRail-HRT and TxIsoBlock-HRT temperature transmitters can be purchased in a starter kit that put consumers closer to HART Technology.

  • Article: The HART Communication Protocol


    Communication with machinery and control and measuring instruments is the basis of industrial automation. The oldest communication technique implemented is a current loop with a normal range of 4 mA to 20 mA. By employing a transmitter, a receiver and a power supply, it is possible to transmit process variable data. However, the single loop allows only one-way communication from a sensor to an actuator. Developed in the mid-1980s, the HART protocol allows two-way communication of additional information


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