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TxMiniBlock is a cost-effective programmable RTD temperature transmitter for head mounting. With a unique microprocessor based technology it features full PC configuration of range and calibration which is achieved by means of a convenient interface cable connected to a USB port from a PC. Working range, output calibration and protection can be easily set by using the TxConfig Windows configurator software. This transmitter is specially convenient for being mounted in small inexpensive heads.


- Input: Pt100 RTD
- Maximun range: -200 to 650 °C / -328 to 1202 °F
- Minimun span: 40 °C
- Two-wire loop powered 4-20 mA output
- Linearized 4 to 20 mA or 20 to 4 mA output
- 2 or 3-wire Pt100 with linearization
- Microsoft Windows® configurator (optional). Configuration with a PC via TxConfig interface
- Manual zero (offset) adjustment can be done by means of a wire jumper simulating a keyboard
- Digital filter can be set for best 50 or 60 Hz performance
- Power supply: 12 to 30 Vdc
- Max. Load [ohms]: ( Vdc - 12 ) / 0.02
- Accuracy (Tamb 25 ºC): ±0.2% of span
- Output resolution: 4 uA
- Temperature effect: 0.003% SPAN/°C
- Operating temperature: -40 to +50 °C (-40 to 122 °F)
- Sensor failure protection: programmable burnout upscale or downscale
- Dimensions: 34 mm (Diam.) x 18 mm (H, including bornes)



  • 8806040406

    TxMiniBlock Program. 2-Wire Head Mount Temp. Transm. 4-20mA out, RTD in only.

  • 8806040406

    TxMiniBlock head mount Temp. transmitter for Pt100 input

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Flyer TxMiniBlock

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Flyer Temperature Transmitters

Get to know the characteristics and technical specifications of our temperature transmitters.

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Operating Manual TxMiniBlock

Download - Operating Manual TxMiniBlock

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TxConfig Configurator V1.7.7.03

This configurator software is used for configuring transmitter models TxBlock,TxRail, TxIsoBlock, TxIsoRail, TxMiniBlock, TxIsoPack, TxIsoPack-HART, TxIsoRail-HART, RHT-WM RHT-DM, TEMP-WM, TEMP-DM, NP800H (HART) and NP300.

Download - TxConfig Configurator V1.7.7.03

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CE - D.O.C. TxMiniBlock

CE Declaration of Conformidity.

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