TxMini-M12-485 - Compact Temperature Transmitter

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The TxMini line temperature transmitters with serial communication have compact dimensions and practical connection via M12 connector. These devices are an excellent solution for temperature measurement applications with high precision and can be installed in small spaces. With RS485 serial interface via Modbus-RTU protocol, they are easily integrated into existing networks for communication with PLCs and SCADA systems.


The new TxMini can be configured via DigiConfig software or via Modbus commands. These commands can be generated from a SCADA supervision system.

The PT100 sensor must be soldered to the transmitter board terminals in TxMini-M12-485 and TxMini-485 models or positioned through connectors in TxMini-M12-485-CN and TxMini-485-CN models.

Transmitters can also be supplied without the M12 connector at the output.

- 2-wire RS485 Communication with Modbus-RTU Protocol
- Power Supply: 7 to 40Vdc
- 3-Wire Pt100 Input
- Temperature range: -200 to 600°C
- Typical Accuracy (at 25 °C): 0.1%
- Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 °C
- Free Windows® Configurator Software
- Configurable Value for Sensor Failure

  • 8806060420

    TxMini-M12-RS485 Temp. transmitter Pt100 in/RS-485 out with M12 connector

  • 8806060430

    TxMini-M12-RS485-CN Temp. transm. Pt100 in/RS-485 out with M12&sensor connector

  • 8806060520

    TxMini-RS485 Temp. transmitter Pt100 in/RS-485 out without connector

  • 8806060530

    TxMini-RS485-CN Temp. transm. Pt100 in/RS-485 out with sensor connector

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Operating Manual TxMini-M12-485

Download - Operating Manual TxMini-M12-485

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(PDF - 1.48 Mb)


Manual Transmissor TxMini-M12-485 V10x I Italiano - (Italian)

Download - Manual Transmissor TxMini-M12-485 V10x I Italiano - (Italian)

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(PDF - 0.47 Mb)


DigiConfig Configurator V1.8.3.02 (7/23/2019)

DigiRails, DigiGate, Transmissor RHT-485-LCD, AirGate-Modbus, RHT-Air, AirGate-GPRS and TxMini-M12-485 configuration software. Windows® 8 compatible.

Download - DigiConfig Configurator V1.8.3.02 (7/23/2019)

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(ZIP - 8.15 Mb)


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