» » Configure Only Once, Replicate To All Machines: Nconfig, The Novus Configuration Software


Configure only once, replicate to all machines: NConfig, the NOVUS configuration software

With NConfig and a USB cable, it is very easy to configure your NOVUS driver. In addition to allowing the configuration of all the functionalities of the controllers and indicators, the software presents a description of each configuration parameter, serving as an electronic manual. Through a computer, it is possible to configure the equipment, store data and transfer information to other machines, in a more agile and precise way.


This facility is possible thanks to the implementation of the USB interface on the NOVUS controllers and indicators. When connecting the device to the USB port of a computer, the device is recognized as a serial communication port (COM) operating with Modbus RTU protocol, through which NConfig communicates with the controller to be configured. The USB port feeds the instrument, so there is no need for an external source.




Using NConfig software you can create, view, save and open settings from the device or files on your computer. The ability to save and open settings in files makes it possible to transfer configurations between equipment and perform backups. For some specific models, NConfig also allows you to update the firmware (internal software) of the controller via USB.




NOVUS controllers and indicators that have a USB interface can also be monitored from any supervisory software (SCADA) or from laboratory software that supports Modbus RTU communication over a serial communication port. When connecting the USB from a computer, the device is recognized by a conventional serial port. Just refer to the "Device Manager" in the Windows Control Panel to identify the COM port that has been assigned to the controller. It is also necessary to consult the Modbus memory mapping in the controller communication manual and the supervision documentation to perform the monitoring.

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