» » Easy Data Acquisition: Novus Introduces The New Line Of Wireless Data Loggers


Easy data acquisition: NOVUS introduces the new line of wireless data loggers

The family’s first, LogBox BLE is a data logger with bluetooth technology that accepts three analog and one digital sensors. Analog channels accept direct connection from thermocouples or Pt100 type temperature sensors and sensors for any other measurements with current or voltage output signals. The digital channel can either record the events time, such as opening a door or counting pulses from a flow sensor.
According to engineer Giuliano Guarese, the LogBox Connect family came from the need to renew the previous line of NOVUS portable data loggers, and a lack of wireless communication interfaces engaged in IoT (Internet of Things). "It's been almost three years since we began with research, design and development. The biggest challenge was to align what we were developing with the market needs and the understanding of those needs", explains Giuliano.
The LogBox Connect family has been designed for an increasingly connected and dynamic world where data needs to be accessed quickly. The LogBox BLE user can access the logs directly from his smartphone using the LogChart BLE application. With a USB connection and the NXperience software, you can also work the information directly on a computer. Both applications allow configuration, collection and analysis of records, as well as the possibility to publish them in the NOVUS cloud portal.
Designed for applications that require accuracy in recording temperature data, such as laboratories, cold rooms or data centers, the LogBox BLE has a large display, removable connectors and a bracket holder. The next models of the LogBox Connect family, with WiFi and 3G connectivity, will be introduced in early 2018.

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