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Pharmaceutical industry uses smart gateway in application with wireless monitoring

For many years, the main variables recording ​​in the pharmaceutical industry, such as climate monitoring of warehouses, has been done manually and was susceptible to human errors.


With the improvement of good practices and the emerging of strict pharmaceutical regulations, there was a growing development and manufacturing of devices capable to measure and record the most variables in diverse environments.


In 2014, a Brazilian pharmaceutical company with two factory units sought NOVUS for a solution of climate monitoring more efficient, safe and reliable. Currently, they used thermo hygrometers spread around the areas to be monitored, which required the availability of employees in all work shifts to perform the temperature recording at certain time and place. This eventually delayed taking action on any abnormal occurrence, such as out-of-specification temperature trip. Also, the current method did not provide enough records for analysis and decision taking to bring improvements to the process.


NOVUS offered a solution consisting in wireless monitoring, composed of RHT Air wireless temperature and humidity sensors - accurate, compact and calibratable device, that does not require cables, so it is an economical and flexible option; a FieldLogger, a data logger that ensures data availability and safety in contingency situation; and SCADA SuperView software, a program easy to operate and use that also meets the requirements of ANVISA and FDA in the subjects of access control, data integrity, traceability, registration and electronic signature.


The key factor for this solution to be implemented was the challenge for the size and partioning of the company's facilities. To overcome this challenge, a communication gateway was required. It should be, like other devices, secure and robust, allowing wireless communication, avoiding infrastructure changes on the customer facilities.


For this case, the chosen device was the AirGate Modbus, smart and robust gateway with communication range up to three thousand feet. The AirGate Modbus operates through NOVUS-Air protocol (IEEE 802.15.4), its own industrial wireless network, becoming completely independent from the customer IT infrastructure. Its data communication is securewith 128-bit encryption, and it is smart adaptive due the use of available frequency bands of less interference, providing stability and reliability in the communication link.


Since developing this know-how, NOVUS has been offering solutions for the updating of pharmaceutical factory plants, binding devices with high-tech technology and qualified service.

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