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» » » Remote Access To The Airgate-3g Across A Corporate Network



1.1 Objective


Remotely access devices connected to the AirGate-3G router, using the corporate network [internal server] of the client.


Important: When using the ROUTER in this application mode it is important to follow all the rules and requirements of the security policy of the company.


To enable the internal routing function, the AirGate-3G should be initially be configured to access the internet (via Ethernet cable). This management should be done by the manager of the company’s corporate network.


In the configuration of the 3G router we have the option of Link Management, where we are able to configure the primary interface. Select the option Eth0, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1 – Link Management.


Following this we should access the tab Eth0 under the menu ETHERNET, select the option WAN and configure the interface in accordance with the procedures defined by the company’s IT department.



Figure 2 – Type of Ethernet Interface


In this tutorial we will configure a static IP as shown in Figure 2. The IT department from the company should created a rule for access within the network [overpassing the firewall and other protection allocated by IT], to provide access to the service ports of the 3G router from an external connection, through the Public IP address.


It is necessary to configure the NAT/DMZ table of management ports in order to route the connection to the desired service ports. In Figure 3, we can see the internal redirection of the service ports 18501 [download and upload software programing] and 80 [HTTP service] that are required to present the variables in a dynamic HTML page.


For more information you can find the XL family operating manuals by following the link:


Figure 3 - NAT configuration


Note: Cscape is the propriety software of the XL6e-HE1E4 controller that uses the service port 18501 for configuration [download and upload programing software].


Simply speaking, any connection request to connect to the IP [the XL6e-HE1E4] will be routed through the valid Public IP to the IP [AirGate-3G].  

When connecting to the router at, it will check it´s Network Address Translation (NAT) service to verify if there are rules associated with the IP/Port.

In this application tutorial, as mentioned above, we have mapped the service ports 18501 and 80, to the IP address [the XL6e-HE1E4].


1.2 Configuration of CLP software [CsCape]:


In the programming software it is possible to select the interface [Ethernet] to connect with the XL6e-HE1E4 controller as indicated in Figure 4.


Figure 4 – Communication interface connection.


Next, there will be a configuration screen displayed, Figure 5, where we should configure the IP Address, the mode of connection and the Port.



Figure 5 – IP Address configuration.



The communication status of the XL6e-HE1E4 controller can be seen in the bottom right corner of Cscape, as shown in Figure 6. From now on it is possible to connect remotely and download or upload your program to the device.


Figure 6- Configuration Arcitecture [Cscape].

1.3 Summary:


Following this configuration, it is possible to Access remotely any device connected to the Ethernet port of the 3G router, in order to upload, download, configure, monitor in real time, acquire data or perform any other available service that is encapsulated by TCP/UDP.   



Note: Public IPs are provided by Internet service providers and mobile carrier. These IPs are out of the private IP address ranges displayed in Table 1 :

Table 1- Private IPs



Range IP address

8-bit block –

12-bit block –

16-bit block –

16-bit block –



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