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  • Universal Process Indicator N1040i

    Universal Process Indicator


    The Universal Process Indicator N1040i combines, in one compact and convenient 1/16 DIN enclosure, a high precision microprocessor based analog circuit with a very simple configuration interface to monitor a wide range o...""

  • Indicator for Load Cells N1500-LC N1500-LC

    Indicator for Load Cells N1500-LC


    The N1500-LC Indicator is the ideal instrument for monitoring analogue variables in industrial processes with Load Cells.The N1500-LC is compatible with the most popular signals from load cells such as 0 to 20 mV, -20 to...""

  • Flow Rate Indicator N1500-FT

    Flow Rate Indicator


    Tailor made for flow applications,the Flow Rate Indicator N1500-FT measures and displays both the instant measured value and the totalized value. One model is capable of reading a 4-20 mA signal or a pulsed signal. Input...""