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NOVUS has the complete solution for temperature measurement that your application needs
We manufacture open, flexible, spit-type sensors, mounted in ceramic tubes with a stainless steel sheath, with conventional or mineral insulation.
All of them come with a Calibration Certificate accredited by the International Laboratory Accreditation Co-Operation.

Be amazed by the quality and experience of a national company that invests in technology and knows your business.

Did not find the best sensor for your application? We can help you! Please contact us us through our form.

  • Série HSC

    Handheld Sensors with Cable

    Série HSC

    The HSC Series (Handheld Sensors with Cable) is the ideal solution for temperature measurement in the food industry. They are constructed with a polymer handle for easy handling, can be ...

  • Série SPH

    Sensors with Protection Head

    Série SPH

    Sensors mounted on metal protection tubes and aluminum head, the SPH Series (Sensors with Protection Head) are relatively low cost and are widely used for measurement in liquid medium an...

  • Série SMT

    Sensors with Metal Tip

    Série SMT

    The SMT Series (Sensors with Metal Tip) thermocouples and thermoresistances are cost-effective sensors ideal for applications requiring simple sensors and easy installation.
    With th...

  • Série BTS

    Built in Transmitter Sensors

    Série BTS

    The BTS Series (Built in Transmitter Sensors) sensors are mounted with the NOVUS TxMini temperature transmitter, which converts the output to 4-20 mA (2-w...



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