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Wide and versatile, the temperature transmitters suitable to almost all applications in industrial processes, with differentials such as easy configuration by software, accepting the most diverse temperature sensors such as thermocouples and Pt100 and the most diverse formats, such as fixation in DIN rail, head, ducts and tubes with size M12.

  • TxBlock-USB


    The TxBlock-USB is a high precision head mounted temperature transmitter. The universal input reduces inventory while the native USB port facilitates ease off configuration, calibration and online monitoring in the lab o...

  • Temperature Transmitter - TxRail-USB

    Temperature Transmitter - TxRail-USB

    TxRail-USB is an USB configurable DIN rail mount temperature transmitter. It allows selection and configuration of input type, measurement range, output type and calibration. Its output can be set to either loop powered ...

  • Temperature Transmitters TxIsoPack-HART & TxIsoRail-HART

    Temperature Transmitters TxIsoPack-HART & TxIsoRail-HART

    The TxIsoPack-HART and TxIsoRail-HART are high performance temperature transmitters which convert RTDs, Thermocouples and voltage signals into a 4-20 mA current along with a superimposed HART protocol digital communicati...

  • TxMini, TxMini-M12 and TxMini-DIN43650

    TxMini, TxMini-M12 and TxMini-DIN43650

    The TxMini, TxMini-M12 and TxMini-DIN43650 are 4-20 mA two wire compact and valuable transmitters. Configuration can be done through a USB interface without any power supply. These transmitters are the ideal solution to ...

  • TxMini-M12-485


    The TxMini temperature transmitters with serial communication have compact dimensions and M12 quick connector. Besides that is an outstanding solution for high resolution temperature measurement, it is also perfect to fi...

  • Temperature Transmitter - TxIsoPack-USB

    Temperature Transmitter - TxIsoPack-USB

    TxIsoPack-USB is a fully isolated 4 to 20 mA two-wire loop powered temperature transmitter for in-head assembly. Complete sensor type selection and range configuration is achieved by connecting the device directly to ...

  • Smart Temperature Transmitters - TxMiniBlock

    Smart Temperature Transmitters - TxMiniBlock

    TxMiniBlock is a cost-effective programmable RTD temperature transmitter for head mounting. With a unique microprocessor based technology it features full PC configuration of range and calibration which is achieved by m...

  • Smart Temperature Transmitters ISOLATED TxIsoRail

    Smart Temperature Transmitters ISOLATED TxIsoRail

    TxIsoRail is fully programmable isolated temperature transmitters dedicted to Pt100 and thermocouple industrial sensors. TxIsoRail is a DIN rail mount unit. Both units can be easily user configured for input type and wor...

  • Temperature Transmitter - TEMP WM-DM

    Temperature Transmitter - TEMP WM-DM

    The TEMP-WM and TEMP-DM transmitter series incorporate the best high accuracy and great stability temperature sensors. They convert the measured values into linear 4 to 20 mA signals and optional 0 to 10 Vdc output can a...

  • TxConfig-HART Interface

    TxConfig-HART Interface

    The TxConfig-HART is a configuration interface for transmitters with HART protocol. It can be used together with the configuration software TxConfig.

  • LoopView


    LoopView is a two-wire 4-20mA loop indicator, loop powered and low power. Its excellent precision allows to indicate several measurements like pressure, differential pressure, flow, pH, ...


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