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The RHT-Air is a wireless transmitter that when coupled with the AirGate-Modbus provides an excellent solution for wireless monitoring of temperature and relative humidity variables. Together, they combine the  ease of configuration and data acquisition operation of the RHT-RS485-LCD, which connects directly to a Modbus RTU bus, with the versatility of the wire-free installation of LogBox-RHT. Through the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless interface, multiple RHT-Airs may talk to one or more AirGates, providing this way USB and RS485 communication paths to the main application.
The RHT-Air uses high accurate sensors for measurements of the temperature, relative humidity and dew point. It also provides a LCD display for local viewing of the measurements while allowing reconfiguration of the transmitter parameters without having to run the configuration software on the computer.
Two models are available. See product label for identification:
• RHT-Air: Operates from internal battery or external power supply;
• RHT-Air NB: Operates from external power supply only.

Operating limits:
- Sensor and probe: -20 to 80 °C, 0 to100 % RH
- Electronic circuit: 0 to+65 °C, 0 to 95 % RH
- Power supply:
- External: 10 to 35 Vdc, <100 mA
- Internal battery (optional): ½ AA of 3.6 V
- Battery life (optional): Typical 1 yea
- Wireless Protocol:  IEEE 802.15.4
- Configurator software DigiConfig for Windows® (free download)
- Accuracy: ±3 % RH from 20 to 80 % RH (at 25 °C) and   ±1 °C for temperature
- ABS housing with IP65 protection, for wall mounting   (WM model). Nylon probe
- Probe extension (DM model): Stainless steel 150 or      250 mm of length
- Dimensions: 70 x 60 x 35 mm
- Anatel certification
- Typical wireless range:
   In open field: 500 meters
  • 8803706670

    RHT-Air WM Wall Mount Temp./humidity wireless transmitter

  • 8803706680

    RHT-Air NB (external power supply only)

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Flyer RHT-Air

Download - Flyer RHT-Air

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Operating Manual RHT-Air

Download - Operating Manual RHT-Air

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Driver Virtual COM

Download - Driver Virtual COM

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(ZIP - 8.64 Mb)


DigiConfig Configurator V1.8.0.03 (5/29/2017)

DigiRails, DigiGate, Transmissor RHT-485-LCD, AirGate-Modbus, RHT-Air, AirGate-GPRS and TxMini-M12-485 configuration software. Windows® 8 compatible.

Download - DigiConfig Configurator V1.8.0.03 (5/29/2017)

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(ZIP - 7.71 Mb)


RHT-Air Firmware Update V1.08

RHT-Air Firmware Update.

Download - RHT-Air Firmware Update V1.08

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